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Book Excerpt

Mudras and their Health Benefits

Practicing Mudras may intensify your auric field by raisng your vibrational rate.





The goldren aura picture is my first auric photograph depicting a service oriented aura.


The more intense white light aura taken two years later, reflected my spiritual pursuit and channeling information from spiritual realms which lead to the creation of this book.

Excerpt from

The Healing Art of Mudras

by Deborah Nasca

Healing is more than just the application of scientific methods.  Recent studies have shown that the power of the mind is limitless.  Our attitudes toward our environment and ourselves are reflected in a state of health or disease of our physical bodies.  Thus we are discovering that healing is an art comprised of various methodologies, including reaching into the layers of the subconscious mind and creating balance within as well as without.  When individuals experience an imbalance of non-beneficial emotional energies toxins manifest in the body, creating an imbalance and ultimately, disease.


Even the most skeptical physician today acknowledges the mind-body connection.  Moreover, recent studies have shown a direct link between stress and disease.  We are all familiar with stress-related ailments such as, headaches, ulcers, and high blood pressure.  People going through a divorce, grieving the loss of a loved one, changing careers, or moving their home are more likely to develop a health disorder during the following year than those who have not been dealing with these very stressful situations.


Many people have experienced “spontaneous” healing from various illnesses without any explanation being available from the scientific community.  Although new medicines and scientific techniques are continually being discovered which assist in healing the sick, some people continue to be ill in spite of proven methodologies.  Why do some people go into spontaneous remission, and some not?  Why do some people continue to decline with illness, even though they are receiving the best treatment that modern medical science has to offer?  Why do ostensibly healthy people develop sickness and disease?


Emotional health is directly linked to physical health.  Therefore, achieving balance in the emotions will ultimately result in the balance in the body.  However, the idea of “balance” is not as simple as it may seem.  While balanced emotions do maintain the body’s natural tendency to good heath, excessive emotions release toxins in the body that may destroy good health.  Good health does not mean having a “perfect” body; it means that we are simply able to function in a meaningful way.


Since no human being is immune to the emotional fluctuations that can compromise one’s immune system, the approach to good health involves dealing with non-beneficial emotions as they arise.  Such balancing prevents toxins from entering the body and also releases any toxins that may have accumulated. 


Holistic techniques currently exist to achieve optimal health include daily meditation, Chakra balancing, and yoga.  Results, however, are gradual; as they do not provide immediate means to counteract our non-beneficial emotions at moment they occur.



To release the tension a more practical, immediate technique is required.  One mode involves the use of mudras or mudric energy, as few of us have the luxury of retreating to our offices to meditate after a stressful encounter for the rest of the day.


Mudric finger positions tie in with healing arts such as acupressure, acupuncture, hand and foot reflexology, and massage therapy, as all of these work with the release of the human body’s own natural biochemical healing substances endorphins and dopamine that assist in the healing process. When reflex points of the fingertip are pressed, these healing substances are released and one can rebalance any diseased area of the body.  For example it is a common response to clench the fists when experiencing stress or tension.  This reaction actually creates a mudra, which activates certain reflex points, thus helping the individual to calm down.


The Healing Art of Mudras 
by Deborah Nasca
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