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About the Author

Mudras and their Health Benefits


DEBORAH ANN NASCA was licensed Masseotherapist in Montreal, Canada. She taught Swedish Massage Therapy classes along with foot and hand Reflexology for over 15 years.


Deborah has conducted many seminars on the healing applications of Mudras, Chakra Balancing and Massage Therapy. She developed this system of Mudric healing featured in her book over 20 years ago.


Although Deborah was born with impaired vision she obtained her degree in Art as well as a degree in Apparel Design and went on to become a fashion designer for a major swimwear company, as well as a designer of lady’s intimate apparel. One of her garments appeared in a centerfold of Vogue Magazine. 


As Deborah slowly became legally blind, her focus turned inward.  Her knowledge of Mudras came about through an intuitive understanding of the healing arts and the study of Acupressure, Massage Therapy, Chakric energies, and Palmistry.  Her quest for spiritual understanding led to the discovery and development of Mudras as described in this book


Prior to moving to California, Deborah Nasca taught Chakra Balancing, and the Healing Art of Mudras at the Institute of Natural Health Consultants, Inc. in Montreal, Canada.  She was a featured speaker on the “Healing Art of Mudras” at the Shamanic Conference in San Rafael, California, in 1997 and 1998, and has had articles on Mudras published in Phoenix Rising.