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Table of Contents

Mudras and their Health Benefits

The Healing Art of Mudras
by Deborah Nasca







Table of Contents 

The Healing Art of Mudras

The Origins of Mudras

How Do Mudras Work?

Mudras Chart Using Basic Finger Positions 


Transforming Emotions With Mudras 


Types of Mudras 


Mudras to Counteract Non-beneficial Emotions 


The 21 Major Chakras and 14 Minor Chakras 


21 Chakras and the Auric Field


The 14 Minor Chakras 


Aura- Picture 


The Auric Field 


Mudras and Healing Arts


Mudras and Finger Positions  


Single Digit or Primary Mudras


Prayer Position 


Mudra #1 - Mudra #4


Double Didgit Mudras


Mudra #5 - Mudra #10


The Five Elements 


The Five Light Rays 


Master Reference Chart 


About the Author Deborah Nasca

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