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Gemstone Healing

Mudras and their Health Benefits

Gemstone Properties

Amber: Related to the fire element & the Sun. It cleanses negative energies, dispels gloom, instills positive energy, brings wisdom, balance, patience & promotes altruism. Amber is self healing, imparts revitalization, stimulates happiness, opening & cleansing. It provides protection, luck, healing & strength.

Amethyst: This beautiful purple stone is aligned with the crown chakra & the element of water. It is receptive, increases psychic awareness, enhances meditation & visualization, calms fears, is healing, manifests dreams, good for peace, love, happiness & protection. It can be used to release addictions of all types & it provides protection from negativity. It is a stone of spirituality & contentment.

Bloodstone: Helps with circulation and physical wellness, healing. Incorporates courage & protection.

Cat's Eye, Blue: Stimulates awareness and intuition, helps find balance; also known to bring supreme happiness. Dispels unwanted energy and provides protection. Water magick. Balance, peace and patience, communications, health friendships, dreams, sleep, inspiration, harmony in the home, meditations.

Cat's Eye, Green: Stimulates awareness and intuition, helps find balance; also known to bring supreme happiness. Dispels unwanted energy and provides protection. Use for earth magick, faerie magick, money, luck, fertility, faerie contact, spirit guide contact.

Cat's Eye, Gold: Stimulates awareness and intuition, helps find balance; also known to bring supreme happiness. Dispels unwanted energy and provides protection. Use for fire magick, sun magick, hopes , fortune, money, strength, success.

Cat's Eye, Purple: Stimulates awareness and intuition, helps find balance, It is also known to bring supreme happiness. Dispels unwanted energy and provides protection. Use for protection, power, spirit contact, breaking of bad luck, driving away evil, divination, spiritual and psychic powers, astral projection.

Garnet: A stone of vital power and energy, it lends vitality and strength. It aids in raising and directing the flow of kundalini energy and increases sensuality. It is associated with the root chakra. Given as a gift garnet symbolizes true and never-ending love and devotion. Garnet invokes and releases ones creative ability and inner fire.

Hematite: One of the most grounding of all stones. Condenses scatteredness, fuzziness into mental clarity, concentration, memory, practicality, helps study, bookkeeping, detail work, sound sleep. Confidence, will power, boldness. Egyptians used also to calm hysteria and anxiety. Yang. Helps us adjust to being physical. Spleen, blood, cleanse. Can deflect. Regroups after jet lag, stress, birth, anesthesia.

Jade Green: Used to keep lovers and mates faithful. Brings luck and money

Jasper: Energizing mentally and physically. Helps prevent set backs or backslides.

Labradorite: This colorful, luminous stone with flashes of gold, green & blue, belies its dark outer appearance, for it holds within its darkness a rainbow of brilliant hues that can be seen most fully when it is exposed to direct light. Labradorite is used for earth magick & divination. It fortifies intuition & mediumistic abilities, stimulates imagination making us contemplative & introspective, grounds spiritual energies into the body, raises consciousness, is protective, relieves stress & has a calming influence.

Lapis: This deep blue opaque stone is aligned with the element of water, & is used to stimulate the throat & third eye chakras. It aids in past life recall & can be a catalyst for bringing old emotional wounds to the surface for healing. It is associated with courage, wisdom, insight, strength, clarity & compassion, & enhances those qualities in those that wear it. It enhances inner visions & the attainment of wisdom. It provides protection, is a potent fidelity charm & attracts spiritual love.

Leopardskin: Ensures safety and protection whether mental or physical.

Mahoghany Obsidian: Strengthens you in times of need. Supports all major chakras.

Moldavite: This powerful stone can be worn on any part of the body & will affect the entire auric field. It is an excellent meditation stone, often used at the heart, third eye & crown chakras. This powerful stone has an extremely high vibration & helps to accelerate spiritual growth, as well as increase access to inner guidance. It enhances clairvoyance, allows insight into the meaning of our lives, encourages sympathy & compassion. This wonderful & strange gemstone is the only known gem to fall to Earth from the heavens, about 14.8 million years ago.

Moonstone: Balancing, introspective, reflective, lunar; it is aligned with the energies of the Goddess. It promotes emotional well being & joy, stimulates intuitive recognition, alleviates emotional tension, promotes good fortune, is protective during travel, & represents new beginnings

Opal: This gorgeous stone is usually quite transparent, tinged with a pale, dusky blue. It amplifies the positive emotional states (connect with joy while releasing old wounds), & is the conduit to the truth of our essential joy. It is related to the fire element & aids in clearing the emotional body in the auric field. It brings out inner beauty, loyalty, faithfulness & spontaneity.

Rainbow Flourite:Used for health and warding off disease. Helps you see the truth and increases intuition.

Rhodonite: Helps to reduce confusion. Enhances Peace and Love.

Rose Quartz: Brings love. Overcome loss grief and sadness. Help you to love yourself.

Ruby: Associated the fire element. It shields against psychic attack, aids in retaining wealth & passion, assures restful sleep, encourages us to follow our bliss, & guards against storms & negativity. It aids courage & the life force, imparts power & joy

Sapphires: Relate to the water element & relax, focus & calm the mind. They restore balance within the body, release depression & spiritual confusion, impart mental power & self discipline, enhance psychism, love, meditation, healing & peace. They are used in defensive magick & are the guardians of love.

Seraphinite: It is thought to be among the most important stones yet discovered for connecting with the higher energies. It is a purifier, & cleanses the aura, chakras & energy meridians. It is centering & energizing, integrates the heart & crown chakras, a powerful tool for developing compassion, & a premier healing stone.

Siberian Quartz: lovely blue/green stone stimulates creativity, is clearing & balances the heart chakra.

 Snowflake Obsidian:romotes self esteem and self confidence.

 ASodalite: ll Round Healing Stone, Good for Meditation & Wisdom

Sunstone:Enhances personal power & will, helps heal depression, provides protection, health, & physical energy. It stimulates sexual arousal & increases sexual energy.

 Tiger's Eye:Brings the wearer money, protection, courage and luck.

Topaz:Used for protective purposes, specifically against envy, jealousy, intrigue, disease, death, negativity and lunacy. Wearing topaz is said to bring friendship, better and deeper relationships and enhance ones ability to give and revive love.

Turquoise:Associated with the earth element, aids in healing and brings luck, protection and courage to the wearer. It can also be used to attract both wealth and love.